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Heather McVey, the elder of two sisters was born in Scotland, just outside of Stirling on the 1st of May 1979. After losing her father at an early age, she was raised in a one parent family that never lacked for love. To this day she is proud to admit that her mother remains one of her closets and most trusted friends.

Barely nineteen at the time, Heather met her soul mate. It was love at first sight, and Heather a true believer in fate packed in her university course and never looked back as she left her homeland Scotland to follow her man. Three years later just twenty-three at the time, Heather married Martin, her husband already in her heart on the 1 st of July 2003 in Düsseldorf.

Currently she lives with her ridiculously cute husband of the last seven years in Germany on the angelic Bodensee. Like many writers, Heather was bitten by the writing bug early in life, she wrote her first novel “Under the Red Moon” at the tender age of fourteen. She never finished her second novel “The Dark Youth,” which was about a teenage girl who fell in love with a lonely three hundred year old vampire, but then being only sixteen herself at the time Heather had other things to experience like her first kiss, and she definitely had other things on her mind like boys, boys and well yes you guessed it boys.

Throughout the years, Heather’s writing remained nothing more than a pleasant hobby, a way for her to bring the many characters in her head to life. She never considered sending anything for publication, until a year ago, when a family friend convinced her that her books were something which others would enjoy to read. Heather’s friend was right, and now, here she is very excited to be a new author.

Heather is a member of Contemporary Romance Authors On The Web. She writes
Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal and Fantasy but most of all she loves to write Erotic romances and she likes these special books to be red hot.

Being an avid traveller, Heather would love to be able to say that her book ideas came to her while she sat at the opera in Sydney, or while she visited the Las Vegas casinos, or perhaps listened to the waves of the Adriatic break against the Italian shoreline, or while she sat staring at the Scottish, snow-capped peak of Ben Nevis, but the truth is most of her book ideas come to her when she’s doing some mundane task like ironing her husbands shirts, hoovering or cooking the evening meal.

A true romantic at heart, she really hopes her erotic novels add excitement, and bring a lot of pleasure and spice into your life.

Heather McVey  | Heather@heathermcvey.de