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Hansel´s Hunger

The reworked version of "Hansel and Gretty Forbidden enticement´s" now sexier, and hotter than ever has just been released from Renaissance E-books

This is a  steamy, fast paced tale which takes a spin on the popular fable. The story is set in the 11th century in England. It will leave you shocked, but excited. Its got intrigue, love, a gorgeous blonde hero, a spunky redheaded heroine who knows what she wants and who just won´t take no for an answer, and sex galore.

Snippet JERR
Hansel & Gretty Forbidden Enticements is a delightful and extremely erotic twist on a classic fairy tale.  This story can definitely survive without the sex as it has for many years.  However, I have never found the tale more enjoyable.  Ms. McVey's version should come with a warning label emblazoned on the front cover so that children will not make the mistake of picking it up.  No one under the age of twenty-one should be allowed near this material, it is that hot.  Everyone in this story is getting some; that is how I knew it was fiction.  The couplings were outrageously steamy, in great detail, and occurred frequently.  Be prepared to take several toy breaks when reading this story. .."

Back Cover Blurb:

Hue Hansel, is a tall well-built, blonde blue eyed 24 year old with a body to die for. The problem is he won´t legally be considered an adult until he turns 25, and the only woman he truly wants to marry is the only woman he can´t have. Whether it be Ivy, Martha the witch, Ursula the wicked stepmother, or his  seventeen year old half sister Gwen Gretty, every woman in his village wants to make love to Hansel. This story is filled with steamy lusty scenes in this unique blend of bondage and fantasy..."

Page Count: 257

Word Count: 111500

Price: $4.99


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Heather McVey  | Heather@heathermcvey.de