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 All Or Nothing: A novel of Forbidden Boundaries

My Scorching,Red Hot,Sexy, bisexual Novel is available now from Renaissance  E-Books.

Snippet from: The Fallen Angel´s Review Site, "I was so captivated by this book that I read it in one sitting. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to light a fire in more places than one..."


Back Cover Blurb:

Bisexuality, Bondage and girl-on-girl romance. Interior designer Mary Miller is a bisexual. A fact she learned painfully during  her latest two year relationship, which like the last ultimately failed as a consequence. Mary requires both a man and a woman in her bed to be truly satisfied. Then she meets a couple who seem right for her in every way. But they have their own needs, a need to dominate. Is Mary ready to explore yet another forbidden area of her sexuality? If she wants the new man and woman in her life, she will have to meet them on their own terms. For Mary, it is strictly all or nothing.

Page Count: 227

Word Count: 60379

Price: $ 4,99


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Heather McVey  | Heather@heathermcvey.de