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Reasons why E-books are a great deal!

50% of all paper books are destroyed without ever being read! Think of the waste.

*** E-books are exhilarating, mind-blowing stories which you just won’t find in your average bookstore. They run the scale from young adult to blazing erotic masterpieces. Do you happen to love stories set on undiscovered planets or distant realms filled with wonderful peoples, cultures and heroes that make you pant? Do you want to explore romances that are almost too Hot to handle? Do you want stories that will have you reaching for your sex toys while you read? E-books are the only medium where you can find these stories willing to stretch the boundaries and go where no books have gone before.

*** E-books at $4.30 are less expensive than most paperbacks. Most paperbacks on the market in 2005 cost $6.99 to $8.99 off the shelf so by opting for E-books you not only save money, but you get a wonderful read.

***Very important for our home Earth and all its inhabitants is that E-books are earth friendly since they don’t use paper. That’s saves our trees and helps keep the air cleaner for us.

***Pick a time, e-books are available round the clock, whether its 3am in the morning or 10pm in the evening.

***E-books save gas, petrol because you can shop from home all you need is a PC or laptop. And with the rocketing gas prices around the world that’s a good thing ladies and gentlemen.

*** E-books can be read at work. (Providing your boss isn’t looking) or in the bus you name it they can be read anywhere.

*** E-books take up a lot less room. You can burn a lot of novels onto a CD-R. Better yet, these days you can even buy an inexpensive handheld computer designed for e-reading purposes, you can make your library mobile and take it wherever you go.

***Another huge plus point is that E-books allow you to customize the size of the print displayed on your computer. If like me you have problems with reading small writing, with the simple click of a mouse you can increase the print of your E-book.  

*** E-books have a long shelf life unlike some works of paperback fiction these little gems are available for a long time so get reading

Heather McVey  | Heather@heathermcvey.de