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Tempting Escape 

Reviewer: Jessica from FAR
Rating: 5 angels &  A Recommended Read

Shelly is getting married to the man she had spent the last nine years loving. When she is bitterly betrayed on her wedding day, she does what anyone would do: she takes her honymoon trip alone. Determined to never trust or care for a man again, she sets out for an adveture with as many men as she can find and fit into her two week trip. When she meets a handsome man on the beach she is instantly attracted to him physicall, but his arrogant nature is more than she want to deal with.  Desperate to remain differnt from him and his amazing body, she finds it more difficult than she thinks. As her guard slowly shatters around her, she finds that Guy is more than an island fling and panics. When  Shelly panics, she throws up more walls. Will she be able to let them down to have something she desperately wants? Can Shelly learn to trust again?

Guy is a diving instructor that has never had the problem of finding a woman to curb his appetite for a night or two. Women just seem to fall at his feet with one flash of his smile: at least until he met Shelly. Instantly attacted to her he sets out to claim her, and appease his physical desires. When she doesn´t fall into his arms, he decides that he is definitley up to the challenge of winning her affections. Once he gets her attention, he is in for the emotional roller coaster ride of his life. Is Guy willing to fight for what he wants? Can Guy convince her that he is just what she wants and needs?

Guy and Shelly’s story is riddled with intense emotions, mind-blowing passion, and uncertainty. Shelly must come to terms with her emotions and fears of being with someone completely. Guy must deal with the realization that he does not want to live the life of a playboy any longer. Both characters must confront someone that does not want them to be together. The chemistry between them is sizzling to say the least and more than either character imagined. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their consuming passion and emotions for each other. It was quite rewarding as the story comes to its conclusion to see the lengths that Guy will go to in order to have want he wants.. Shelly’s inability to truly trust someone is written beautifully to draw readers into her pain and uncertainty. The compassionate moments that Guy provides Shelly are romantic and tantalizing. Readers will love to have a Guy of their own to spend the hot sultry nights with.

Tempting Escape offers a tantalizing erotic romance sure to keep readers glued to their seats until the entire story plays out. Heather McVey has created a tremendous story worth spending an evening curled up with a blanket reading. Tempting Escape is Heather McVey’s first published story and has earned her a rating of 5 Angels and a Recommended Read!

Review: Jacqueline from JERR
Rating: 4 stars.
Heat Level: Orgasmic

Tempting Escape by Heather McVey is a HOT read! From the first page to the last, the author’s descriptive sexual feelings and emotions displayed an arousing forthright element to the story. This is truly an erotic romance for those who like a scorching read. I enjoyed the manner in which Ms. McVey carefully detailed her characters and their personalities. Guy and Shelly were fascinating in their interactions and kept me wondering what their next moves would be.  I enjoyed watching the tension build between the two. From playful to intense, they work towards their love despite both internal and external forces. This is an enjoyable story that I recommend for those who enjoy the complicated elements of the erotic mixed with their romance.

Reviewer: Watenna for Coffee Time Romance. Rating: 4 Cups

This is a wonderful sexy read, with plenty of action going on between Shelly and Guy. You will love their sparring words and hot sex scenes. With Shelly being hurt you can understand her reluctance to get invloved, but you have to admire Guy´s Patience and Determination. A fast paced read , the entertainment never stops.

Reviewer: Bon for May Reviews. Rating: Spectacular!

This romance had me on the edge of my seat and I didnt sleep until it was finished. This novel was a truly wonderful read with very few flaws, cleary written, with adventure and surprises along the way. Spactacular!

Reviewer: Elise for eCataRomance
Rating: 4 stars

Deliciously hot, Tempting Escape takes us along with Guy and Shelley for a passionate ride...

Reviewer: Briana Burress from Romance Junkies
Rating:4.5 Blue Ribbons

Nurse Shelly Blake belives that Ted has truly changed and that his days of cheating on her are behind her until she catches him having sex with one of her bridesmaids a few minutes before they are to be married. Devastated, she runs from the church, grabs her luggage, and decides to take her honeymoon in the Maldives without a fiancé and indulge her fantasies with as many men as possible.

Guy Pearson loves the ocean so much that he takes three months off each year from being a surgeon to teach scuba diving. He is swimming one evening when his libido goes on full alert as he eyes the very unsteady movements of the beautiful blonde on the beach. Shelly maybe a little tipsy but her body has no trouble responding to the heat of the man approaching her. Guy is used towomen falling at his feet and can´t believe Shelly´s reaction as he tries to do the gentlemanly thing by walking her to her room. Their conversation does not go well as Shelly painfully him know that she does not want to be bothered. But, Guy sees things differently and loves a good challenge. It isn´t long before he has her purring his name as he makes love to her. His days of being a chick magnet are over as he realizes that he has suddenly lost all desire for anything in his life but having Shelly in his arms and making her his for good? But, he has his hands full when Ted decides to show up and claim what he thinks is still his.

Shelly´s body aches with the urgency to be in Guy´s arms again as she tries to deal with her fear of being hurt again. Is their love strong enough to weather the storms of deceit that surround them at every turn?

Heather McVey gives her readers an erotic tale that will have your juices flowing as you experience TEMPTING ESCAPE. Guy and Shelly are both complex but compelling lovers who must come to grips with their shortcoimgs and fears as they discover their earth shattering love.

Reviewer: Glenda K. Bauerle from TRS
Overall rating: 4,5 hearts.
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Posted:october 10, 2005

Wow, is this hot; sex galore, and an interesting story. A young woman deciding almost too late to grab the reins as the saying goes and experience what her imagination has been fuelling in her life. As the reader I was happy to see her blossom and realize that her fiancée was the wrong man before it was too late; cheering all the way. The overwhelming, almost unshakable love that Guy endures for Shelley is so wonderful, so romantic. The emotional boundaries both Guy and Shelley must overcome in order to achieve what they each need finally crumble. And Ted is the picture of a pain in the gizzard, if you ever needed one….


Heather McVey  | Heather@heathermcvey.de