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Extract "Tempting Escape"

(c) Heather McVey 2005


Chapter 4

   Shelly shook her head; perhaps she’d had one cocktail too many, after all. She tried to remember the reason why she was sitting on the beach in the middle of the night. But the man kneeling before her, with only a white towel wrapped around his bronzed hips was very difficult to stop looking at. Hot warmth licked through her. Was he naked beneath it?

   Slowly her long lashed lids lowered, then lifted once more and her gaze moved up, training on his face. She hiccupped and smiled a dazed, rather dreamy smile.

   He was gorgeous!

   His face…his face was the stuff of legends!

   His jet-black hair spilled onto his forehead in haphazard waves. His sexy, sexy mouth was sensuous and full, with the top lip slightly thicker than the bottom. His clean-shaven face was lean, tanned, and stark with concern. He had the sleek, powerful build of a finely toned gymnast. His muscles were hard, and dazzling, and well defined in places she didn’t even know a man could get muscles.

   You name it; it bulged with raw, masculine strength.

   And those eyes.


   They were the clear celestial blue of a perfect cloudless June sky with a tiny band of dark blue highlighting the outer edges of his irises.

   Shelly shook her head, her heart hammering. This wasn’t real. It couldn’t be real. She was just very drunk and delusional. Or she must have whacked her head on a stone and she was unconscious and bleeding to death.

   Yes, that was it! That made sense.

   At least it made a lot more sense that the burning desire to jump the stranger’s bones.

   Hesitantly, she reached out and placed her hand on his cheek. Shelly was amazed when his face didn’t evaporate, proving all this really wasn’t just a drunken hallucination.

   His lips twitched and when he spoke, it was carefully, as if to a child. “Lady, can you remember your room number?”

   Shelly managed to ignore her throbbing nipples enough to nod.

   He smiled warmly, blue eyes crinkled at the corner. “Good. You seem to have had a little too much to drink; so I think it’s best if I walk you home. Okay?”

   Shelly hesitated for a moment. He seemed so understanding. Surely, she could talk to him. Then, through the dull alcohol-induced fuzziness in her head, her anger against all things male surfaced. The manipulative jerk, she thought, no, it wasn’t friggin’ okay.

   “Piss off,” she hissed.

   “Now, now.” His blue eyes twinkled. “That’s not very friendly.”

   “I don’t feel very friendly.” And that was an understatement, if she ever uttered one.

   “Why don’t you tell me why?”

   “Thanks,” she said tight-lipped. “But I’d rather eat cow shit.”

   He laughed. Shelly shot him a look that should have leveled him. Instead, he cupped a hand across his mouth to hide his smile.

   “Look, I don’t know what you’re after,” she tried again, “but you can look for it elsewhere.” She turned and walked determinedly away.

   “It strikes me,” he called after her in a voice, now with an edge, “that women who walk alone at night, are the ones after something.”

   Shelly was so furious she could have screamed. She almost turned, but no, she thought, that’s what he wants. She walked on.

   Guy watched the woman walk away, a cloud of anger around her. He was bemused. She had not responded correctly. Normally, women were drooping all over him after getting a look at his baby-blues, demanding he pleasure them.

   But not this one…

   She was different.

   His lips quirked in humor; she could prove to be a challenge. He couldn’t help the thought, as he watched the petite blonde stroll further and further away. He was interested, so he followed her.

   Shelly rounded on him a moment later. “You’re following me!” she accused, trying to sound disapproving and stern, but it was hard when he made her feel so light inside.

   “Yes,” he said evenly, a lurking smile in his eyes. “I am.”

   Shelly swallowed the not-very-nice word that sprang to her lips and said instead, “Well take a walk and get lost.”

   “Make me,” he retorted dryly.

   That did it! Her temper snapped and she screamed in his face. “Oh, just fuck off, will you?”

   Guy winced. He didn’t like to hear women curse and he especially didn’t like it now. A ray of moonlight broke through the clouds, glistening in her blonde hair, glowing against the soft creamy skin of her pretty face. Her green eyes reminded him of a restless cat one minute; softly slanted, and inquisitive, then almost innocent the next. Her pert, little, button nose was just too cute for words; but her pouty mouth was a work of art. The full curves glistened with moisture that made his cock thicken and harden with abrupt need, beneath the towel.

   He reached out, jerking her against his chest, as she gasped in surprise. He held her close, letting her feel the erection straining beneath the towel. It had been years since looking at a fully clothed woman gave him an instant hard-on, and the one he had now was ready to explode.

   “You shouldn’t say such nasty things,” he said softly, inhaling the subtle scent she wore. It was romantic, soft, and undeniably hot. “They don’t suit your angelic face.”

   A self-deprecating grin stretched her lips, as her body softened against his. “Does this?” she drew her foot back, prayed for forgiveness, and landed a kick, square in his unprotected crotch.

   Guy crumpled to the sand with a moan, like a sack of potatoes. He cursed her silently, for the mean-hearted bitch that she was. He watched her stroll away through watering eyes. He would be damned if he’d just lie there and let the little witch get away with kicking him in the balls. His decision to follow her hadn’t been influenced by her pale-lashed, provocatively slanted, light green eyes that spoke of things better left unrecognized, nor by her wide, full-lipped mouth that promised more sensuality than had all the curves of every other woman’s body he’d ever known.

   A heartbeat later, he had her trapped within his embrace. He was pressed up against her, his big body crushing her against the sand. Guy was shocked to find that the length of her felt warm and good. Burying his face in the curve between her neck and shoulder, he inhaled deeply. The scent of her was intoxicating, so was the feel of her, slender and delicately made. His cock hardened further, until its swollen purple head peeped over the top of the towel.

   He knew he should stop; she was ramrod stiff with tension. He could feel that quite clearly through the thin fabric of her dress, but he couldn’t, even if his life had depended on it, have let her go. He moved against her, rocking his pelvis into hers, nuzzling her neck, all the while expecting every second to feel her fighting to be free.

   Shelly knew she should fight the big stranger, but strangely enough, she found that she couldn’t. Her limbs were like jelly and her body seemed to flow into his, as if with a mind of its own.

   Guy felt her stiffen even more but she hadn’t pushed him away yet. And until that happened, he meant to enjoy the moment. He pulled her earlobe into his mouth and slithered it with wet, delicious licks of his tongue. Despite the agitated pitter-patter of her heartbeat, Guy knew with certainty that her body was responding to his with a quiet abandonment that caused his senses to overheat.

   He wanted to fuck her; he’d never wanted anything more!

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