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Extract from "Hansel and Gretty"

(c) Heather McVey 2005

Burning with rage, Hansel followed his stepmother into the shadowed main room of the cottage. Swinging his leg over the closest bench he took a seat at the table. Apart from two stools, a spinning wheel and a chest which held the cooking pots the room with its low ceiling was bare of further furnishings. Brooding, Hansel watched as Ursula like a ghostly spectra inappropriately dressed in only her chemise filled them cups of wine from the barrel the Squire had brought situated next to the ale keg in the corner of the room by the cooking hearth.

When she placed the lid back on the wine keg she turned back to him, her golden eyes like glowing coals in the shadows. “Get up from the table boy, we will discuss this outside where we shall not wake your father and where your sister won’t overhear.” She looked across the room as a shadow flickered behind the lightened curtain of Hansel’s sleeping chamber. Then she filled one of the animal skins with some ale. Next she walked over to the peg on the wall and took from it her sheepskin cloak. Wrapping it around her broad shoulders she opened the door of the cottage. In the entrance she turned and snapped. “Well what are you waiting for?”

Hansel got up slowly from the table. Outside as they came around the cottage Ursula tripped over a stick and she cursed as some of the wine from the cups splashed her chemise. A smile brushed Hansel’s lips. The woman's eyes obviously weren’t as good as his in the dark. She led him to the chunky table his father had carved, where the family sat as often as they could when the weather permitted to avoid the choking smoke from the cooking fire indoors, and the icky smell of the tallow candles.

Ursula placed the cups along with the animal skin on the table, then still fearful of waking her husband, she said quietly. "Well boy, I wondered now for how long you have been screwing your sister. Tell me did you start a year ago as soon as you got back from the crusades in Portugal or has it only happened recently. You will burn in Hell for your sins, do you know that boy."

Hansel waited patiently until the tirade subsided for want of further fuel, then stated calmly. "If you believed I was sleeping with Gretty then why did you not give us separate beds from the start?"

Ursula slammed the candle down on the tabletop. She gave a quick hiss of pain as some of the hot tallow burned her hand, then she said defensively. "I have no time what with the household chores to sew up another sack for you to stuff with straw, besides how was I to know that you would suddenly come back after so many years to live with us?"

Hansel replied grimly. "You would have time enough if you didn’t spend every free minute you have with the Squire…"

"Just what is that supposed to mean?"

Hansel drew his eyes from the immense black heavens spread out above him. "Nothing, it was naught but an observation."

Ursula leaned forward, "Tis well that I have a friend in the Squire boy, since we don’t have two coins to rub together, many a time this year we would have starved without his generosity."

"That may be." Hansel fingered the small scar on his left hand. "Still, we’d have more money if you didn’t squander it so on material from which to make tunics that we can not afford."

"How dare you criticize me boy!" His effrontery outraged Ursula. " What I do with your father's money is my own prerogative as his wife!"

Hansel thumped his fist loudly on the table. "I dare because you know as well as I do woman that I haven’t laid so much as a single finger on Gwen Gretty."

"True," Ursula's anger which had suddenly died, only to be replaced by lust admitted. "You are far too noble young Hansel to give into the desires of the flesh when it comes to one of your kin." Her round hips swaying provocatively, she handed him one of the wooden cups filled with wine. As she twirled her cup between her long fingertips, she looked at him calculatingly. "Still I admire your restraint. It can not have been easy for one of…err your vast experience to lie beside a woman be she sister or not without touching her this long, lonely year."

Ignoring her baiting, and impatient with her chitchat, Hansel asked harshly, "What is it you want from me stepmother? I have a headache, state what is on your mind so that I may go to bed."

"Ah, my dear boy…my dear boy, why can't you call me Ursula, after all I am but five years older than you."

Hansel watched as she took a seat on the bench opposite him. "Stepmother will do me just fine."

Her eyes narrowed, for an instant anger flashed in their unusual golden-brown depths, then it was gone and her smile returned. "Don’t you want to tell step mommy why you were beating your sister?"

Hansel cringed, and said wearily. "You were never a mother to me Ursula."

A gleam of victory lighting her eyes, she continued slowly. "Tis true; I was too young myself to mother another." She drained her wine, picked up the animal skin sitting in the middle of the table, and poured herself a cup of ale.

Hansel watched the muscles of her tanned, slender throat move as she swallowed the contents in her cup. She really was a very attractive woman, who he was in no doubt could get almost any man hard, despite her many faults. He had to give her at least that.

Placing her cup along with the skin on the table, she said. "I want to fuck you Hansel that’s why I brought you down here on the pretence of giving you a telling off for beating your childish half-sister. I want it so badly my pussy is wet and throbbing with my need even as I speak the words."

Hansel gaped at her, the surprise on his face almost laughable. "Stepmother, I think you have gone insane you are married to my father, what you are suggesting is against the law."

She clucked her tongue. "It isn’t any worse than you lusting after your sister Gwen. Do you think I haven’t seen the heat in your eyes when you gaze on her lovely young flesh? Oh, I believe that you haven’t touched her, but you lust after her body boy all the same."

Hansel swallowed over the foul, metallic taste in his mouth. "You are truly evil to suggest such a thing woman."

Ursula’s laugh was bitter. "Do you deny, boy that you want Gwen Gretty that you want to bury your cock between her thighs. You do not even have to answer for I see the truth of it in the blush flushing your cheeks."

Hansel picked up his cup and took a deep swallow of the tangy wine. "Perhaps I do hunger for my half-sister, and who can blame me for Gretty has turned into a beautiful young woman..."

Ursula snorted. "Beautiful you say? The girl is naught but a walking skelton, why a strong wind would be enough to blow her over."

Hansel ignored her and carried on slowly. "I am a man who hasn't seen her since she was a child of five. Gretty is like a stranger to me rather than my flesh and blood. A man of my years should not have to share a bed with such beauty."

Ursula stood and came around the table. Moving closer, the musky scent of her body permeated with the strong scent of his father's sweat, and clinging climax making his flesh crawl, Ursula smoothed her surprisingly soft palm against his cheek. "You could share my bed, and soon you would forget this sinful need for your half-sister." Ursula ran her hands over his solid chest, across the pectoral muscles of his washboard stomach which she’d dreamed about touching for so very long. "My hands are soft and gentle, Hansel. They can give you much pleasure as can my mouth, and my body. I have a desire to bed you boy, let me and I will soon teach you what it is to sleep with a real woman rather than with the foolish maids you have bedded thus far."

"Nay," Hansel growled, although his body reacted with a blaze of heat to her suggestion. "You are married to my father."

"Huh, that man doesn’t know the meaning of pleasure." Abruptly reaching up, she curved her palm around the back of his neck and pulled his mouth up to hers. Her full lips moved warmly against his grimly set mouth. Her pink tongue teased its taut corners, licked lightly at the surface of his lips. Pinching his nipples, her soft laugh still sounded eerily loud in the silence of the undisturbed night as she stepped as light as a girl from him once again.

Hardly able to control his fury as the sultry bitch paraded in front of him, Hansel clamped his teeth tightly shut. He could not afford to indulge his flaring rage. Who knew what she would do to Gretty as a way of hurting him. The woman had no heart, of that he was sure, so he must at least make a believable pretence of playing along with her.

"Did you know that I was once a tavern dancer?" Ursula asked lightly, as she began to sway in a provocative way that made Hansel's cock stiffen to full attention, his balls swell, and his breath quicken. She really was after Gretty the most beautiful woman he'd ever set eyes upon.

He looked away, ignoring the burning in his loins from her near nakedness, since the gauzy chemise she wore hid nothing, and gave a brisk nod.

Confident she had his full attention, Ursula climbed with feline grace upon the table. She pushed the sheepskin robe, then her chemise from her shoulders, until she stood naked before her stepson. Her pussy with its vibrant golden hair, since Hansel was tall even when sitting, was just mere inches above his eyes. She bent until she was kneeling before him, as she did so she allowed her full breasts to brush the length of his face. "Do you know, young Hansel that I used to be the best dancer the Red Rose had to offer? I think rather highly of my accomplishments in those days, earned when I was young."

"You are still young at nine and twenty," the moment of praise which suffused her olive skin was short-lived as he continued to speak. "But despite these so called accomplishments of yours, you do not think enough of yourself to feel shame in forcing yourself on a man who does not want you. For I am a man stepmother who knows his own mind."

The lovely oval face so close to his stiffened in reaction to his blatant barb. "You are wrong again, boy. On the contrary, I think enough of myself to believe I can overcome your misplaced resistance with the power of my beauty, for I know I am a beautiful woman, Hansel. I know that well. I have been told that many times, by men who paid well to share my bed even if it was on the pine littered floor of the woods, or up some derelict village street."

Hansel raised cerulean blue eyes to her golden gaze. "So what you are really saying stepmother is that you are a whore, and now you wish to whore it with your husbands son."

The small, soft hand that only a moment before had caressed his face, snaked out to strike his cheek with unexpected strength, snapping his head to the side. Her eyes wide with anger, Ursula hissed firmly. "You know nothing boy, how can you? You call yourself a man and yet you haven’t even dipped your cock in a real woman's pussy. Little almost virgin boy, what do you know of true desire and being a man?"

Hansel pushed his silver-blonde curls from his forehead and looked her straight in the eye. "I'm man enough to know that a real man should never fuck the wife of his father."

She closed her hand this time and struck him with the full force of her fist. "How dare you pass judgement on me when you are scarcely older than a boy!"

Ignoring the throbbing in his cheek which tingled from the slap of her palm, Hansel said in a voice that was downright scary. "And I'm man enough to know that a man should never raise his hand to a woman even if she does deserve to have her pretty little face smacked until tis black and blue."

She retorted. "Didn't you just smack your sister Gretty?"

He barked. "T´was different."

Ursula must have seen something, some kind of warning in his eyes for she leaned away from him. As she did so she unknowingly bared the inner pink, puckered lips of her pussy. And the moonlit rays shining down from the twinkling heavens above splashed across her breasts, which jutted up proudly from her ribcage. Hansel cursed hotly under his breath, as his cock jerked sporadically and a sticky, silver thread of pre-ejaculate settled uncomfortably in the tawny curls lining his flat stomach.

A victorious smile lit up Ursula's face. "Dear Hansel you say that you do not want me, but then why do I see the top of your big cock peeping over the waistband of your underpants, hm?" She leaned eagerly forward and stroked his pre-cum into the curls lining his belly. "Why if you have no desire for me do you tremble at my touch? Why are you wet for me?"

Hansel sighed. "My body may tremble at your touch stepmother, but my mind recoils from it." He cast a disgusted look down at his bulging erection. "And as for that thing I don’t have nearly as much control over it as I should."

Ursula laughed, delighted by his honesty. "I will let you in on a secret, Hansel no man does. All men are ruled by their cocks."

A small wry smile touched Hansel's lips at what he saw to be the truth of her statement. His cock definitely seemed to have a mind of its own. Sometimes it was like sharing a body with two separate wills.

Ignoring the provocative sway of her beautiful naked curves, as Ursula began to dance again, the blatant way she cupped her delectable breasts, Hansel said. "Stepmother you should return to bed before father awakes and finds you here."

Her golden eyes gleamed intensely. "I will return to bed if you fuck me boy. You have quite the largest cock I have every seen, and after years of having to be content with your father's meagre manhood, I am hungry for the big, bronzed head of your cock to split me apart." She picked up his large hand resting against the table top, and faster than Hansel could have imagined she shoved two of his fingers along with one of hers up her dripping wet pussy.

Hansel felt a groan well up in his throat. The wetness, the warmth not to mention the tightness of the beautiful woman kneeling before him was all that he'd imagined it to be and more. It would feel wonderful to bury his cock in the hot, muscled sheath gripping his fingers. An image of Gretty, thick red hair and bright green eyes welled up clearly before his eyes. No, he corrected with a shake of his head, it would only ever feel truly wonderful, feel right with Gretty. Clenching his teeth, he angrily pulled his fingers from his stepmother's pussy, and bellowed. "Damn it wench that’s enough your games slowly tire me."

Her smile was thin, her voice colder. "Why, Hansel dear, why did you withdraw your fingers from my cunt when you obviously liked what you felt?"

Hansel let a sharp breath out through his nose. "I don’t deny that I liked what I felt, still I'll never touch you again. You no doubt have some motive for trying to seduce me now wench."

Ursula's laugh although she tried for a bright note sounded brittle even to her own ears. "Oh, come now, boy I have tried to seduce you since you were fourteen years old."

Hansel scoffed. "And I have no doubt that you were after something then just as you are this night."

She thumped her feet on the table. "Of course I was boy. I was after your fantastic body which looks like it was carved from a Greek God. I was after your cock, oh, aye, Hansel I've secretly watched you bath in the stream, and I know your arousal to be enormous. Is it honestly too much to believe that I just want to make love to you?"

Hansel his gaze guarded looked up into her wide golden eyes. "Aye, I'm afraid tis, for I do not believe that you have a heart wench and therefore you can not love."

She mocked. "Who is talking about love boy, I'm talking about fucking like animals, I'm talking about the pleasure I ache to feel as your cock plunges into my pussy and splits me apart."

He said slowly. "Then forget it stepmother for tis an ache which I will never satisfy."

"You will!" she spat back, her eyes narrowed and her mind goaded with blind anger. "You will satisfy my every need one of these days, boy…"

Hansel laughed softly mockingly, confident in his superior strength. After all, how could she a mere woman ever force him?

Her expression changing unexpectedly, Ursula smiled once again. "Come let us not argue over guilt, and what is right and what is not. You want me stepson, and I want you where is the harm in that, no one would ever know."

"I trust your word on that about as much as I trust the kiss of a viper." Hansel's entire face looked like it was carved from granite as he carried on. "Go to bed you have nothing to offer which I am in a mind to take, wench."

He watched as Ursula´s beautiful face crumpled inwards with rage. She riased her hand as if to strike him, then thinking better of it, she lowered it and hissed instead. "You will regret the day you spoke thus to me, mark my words you will soon regret it, Hansel!"

Without uttering another word, she picked up her cloak and chemise and strode angrily towards the low huddled shape of the cottage, her back rigid, as naked as the day she was born. For a long while afterwards, Hansel sat alone in the moonlit darkness nursing his ale, and watching a pair of moths which were dancing around the flickering candle atop the table. When the skin was nearly empty he re-corked it, and swilled the last of the ale from his cup around his mouth before blowing out the candle. His heart heavy, Hansel stood and reluctantly made his way back to the dowdy huddle, which was the only home he´d ever known.

Heather McVey  | Heather@heathermcvey.de