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Extract from "All Or Nothing"
(c) Heather McVey 2005

I followed Tina certain that wasn’t her real name in a million years across the dance floor, as she manoeuvred through a few men with scantily clad whores jiving closely together to the sexy sound of the saxophone. Just beyond the restrooms which smelt strongly of bleach, Tina pulled a small key from one of the pockets on the front of her denim hot pants, then she started to climb a steep claustrophobic staircase. On the fourth step she turned back, and with a coy smile she motioned me to follow her. Because she was above me, my face was pressed close to her crotch as I started to climb the stairs, I could smell her cunt. Perspiring, I looked down at her tanned legs, and felt something hot drip down my thighs.

Christ, I wanted to fuck this tomboy girl, with the humungous breasts badly.

At the top of the stairs we turned right, and headed along a red lit corridor. From one of the rooms the heavy sounds of a bed squeaking and a man panting. Oh yeah, yeah that feels good bitch, caused my nipples to stiffen. Almost at the end of the corridor Tina finally unlocked a door with “2A” carved in fake imitation gold in the centre.

“C’mon in,” she said with a flick of her blue dyed coif.

“You live here?” I asked scrutinizing the pocket-sized room, where most of the space was taken up by a double bed heaped with red and black satin cushions.

“Nah, I just fuck here,” she answered breezily as she wandered around the mirrored room while she lit candles on a stand by the bed. A moment later the alluring scent of vanilla filled the room. There weren’t any windows, and the place despite the aromatic candles still smelt like sex. In the corner a real life sized cardboard cut-out of a blonde in a sexy, black Playboy outfit held a tray. On closer inspection, I saw that the tray contained an assortment of coloured, and flavoured condoms, glide Jellies and various napkins with which you could clean yourself.

Tina turned to me and those hazel eyes swallowed up my sexually aroused body, running from my nipples fighting the irritating tightness of my blouse, down my waist, down to where my jeans bit cruelly into my dripping wet crotch. I told her to take off her spiked, red heals, and she obeyed. At five-foot two, when she wasn’t wearing her heals, I was taller than her by about two maybe three inches. And I liked it. I liked being taller than her, it wasn’t often that I was taller than anybody.

Her bare feet resting against the black carpet, Tina looked me up and down with her large eyes. “I’m glad your not tall lady, it makes a pleasant change, most guys are at least a head bigger than me.”

I gave a curt nod. I knew that I was less than tall, thank God she hadn’t used the word short (I despised the word “short”), thankfully though my lack of stature had always been compensated for by a slim build.

“How old are you Tina?” I asked softly, tactfully changing the subject as I reached out and ran my hands through her blue hair.

Her eyes closed momentarily as she savored the sensation. “I’m twenty,”

I snorted, “Can’t you give me an honest answer.”

“Okay,” she tilted her head and gently kissed my lips. “I’m seventeen.”

With my lips still tingling from her kiss, I brushed a thumb across the nub of her nipple that protruded through her see-through, black blouse. She grunted and moaned softly as I continued with my other hand. Next, I cupped her breasts—heavy breasts, so much heavier than mine. My pussy clenched and I felt the drip of my desire continuing down my thighs.

I pulled my hungry gaze away from her aroused nipples, and looked into her hazel eyes. They were heavy, glossy with her own need, and I asked while I pinched down hard on her nipple. “Should we get out of these clothes?”


Her voice had been breathy, excited and low, and as a thought occurred to me I asked. “Tina, have you ever had sex with a woman before?”

“No,” her hazel eyes suddenly gone protective flicked to meet my greedy gaze. “Is that a problem with you, lady?”

A smile brushed my lips. She was a woman to woman virgin, this afternoon was finally despite Nick ditching me starting to look up.

“Well?” she asked sounding for all the world like a little girl.

I kissed her long and deep, “No Tina, its no problem, in fact I’m going to enjoy teaching you how good a woman can pleasure another.”

Slowly savoring the moment, I unbuttoned her blouse, then slipping it from her small shoulders I let it fall to the carpet. She was so young and so lithe, that her huge globes jutted forward even without artificial support. The wealth of her soft tanned skin was quivering finely overlaid with tiny droplets of perspiration. Needing to sample her delicious breasts, I leaned forward and tounged her nipples.

"Hey," Tina said with a shaky giggle. "I´m supposed to be pleasuring you...your´e not supposed to be pleasuring me, lady."

I looked up at her. "Please call me Mary, and lets please for the love of god, just pleasure each other."

She nodded uncertainly, and I suddenly realized that the girl hadn´t seen a lot of tenderness from the men who paid for her charms.

Collecting herself quickly, Tina smiled naughtily. "Now it´s your turn, Mary."

I shut my eyes, I always found it so much sexier when the person I was about to fuck used my name.

In charge again Tina fondled my breasts through my blouse, tugging at the fabric, until I pulled back and skimmed the fabric over my head. She looked at my bra, then she unclasped the frail, cream material that imprisoned my tits. Dropping on her knees before me, she took my achy breasts into her mouth, her breath warm, her tongue scolding, her hands deliciously hot against my skin.

Not until I wiped my slicked brow soaked with perspiration did I realize just how warm it was in the tiny room even with the air conditioning running.

Tina stepped back from me. She undid the zipper of her yellow hot pants, and let the bleached denim pool to the floor. She was wearing a thong, green, shimmery, with a black love heart in the centre. The springy pubic hair peeking out from the traingle was as blonde and as shiny as my own. My little punk chick with the blue dyed hair was obviously one of those rare oddities.

She was a natural blonde.

While I realized this, Tina came to me again. Taking my tits in her mouth, she sucked them harder, her hands gliding down my stomach to the zipper of my Levi´s. A thrilled shiver shot up my spine as I heared the metal snickering down over the teeth. She tugged my jeans down, and I stepped out of them and kicked them away. Then I stood there and let her view my naked body concealed only by my thin panties, for I was very aware that I too had a beautiful body. I keep in shape with jogging and yoga to fend of the cruel works of gravity although I haven´t yet hit twenty-five.

"Let me touch you," she said quietly, the candlelight flickering dancing shadows along her emaciated body. "Not because youre paying me, but because I want to Mary."

I lay back on the wide bed with the satin sheets which caressed my fevered skin like a hundred cool fingertips. Tina, her cheeks shiny knelt between my thighs, naked except for her green thong. I held my breath as she ran her fingers up the sensitive inside of my thigh, from the back of my knee to just where my pubes start. My skin so in need of touching since Nick shuddered at the sensation as nerve endings jumped, and my clit swelled bentween my soft pussy lips.

"Tina," I breathed, my breasts rising and falling. "That feels so good, your fingers on my skin feel so fuking good."

"Good, beacuse I like to touch you," she replied, then laughed short, and hard. "Usually I hate to take a guys sweaty, limp dick in my hand."

I reached up and caressed her cheek. "Baby, I aint got no dick."

"Mmm," she nodded with a little smile.

Her tiny fingers wandered further up my thigh and she played with the lower lips of my throbbing pussy, squeezing and tugging the flesh until we both felt it swelling and thickening. When a moment later she slipped her finger inside me, inside my steaming folds, I bucked right off the bed as my hungry pussy bit down hard on her probing finger, as waves of pleasure seemed to eat me. I gasped and bit down hard on my bottom lip as she inserted another finger into my hot flesh. My cream had already soaked the bed sheets before those same fingers had even started to explore my horny cunny.

My body molten, my pussy actually aching to come, I recahed for her. My eager hands griped her beautiful tits. A fresh rush of sticky desire left my clenching pussy as I kneaded their softness, firmness and silken texture to the palms of my hands. Next, ravenous to feed upon her charms, I ran my hands along her waist, her bony hips, I undid the small fake diamond clips of her thong.

My hand stilled on the last tiny clip of six, as she withdrew her wet fingers from my pussy and put them to her lips. I found that I momentarily couldn´t breathe as her pink tongue snaked out and licked my creamy desire from her fingertips.

I was in dire need of a fuck from the punk girl who had obviously been abused with by a thosand men, when she agressively straddled my hips, leaned down and pressed her mouth against my parted lips.

"You taste delicious Mary, c´mon be bold go on taste your cunt."

I gasped as her words along the dirty implications sank in to my aroused mind. Her tongue probed between my lips, and horny I answerd with my own thorough exploration of that hot, flexible, pink organ, the two of us hungrily circling and enwrapping tongues.

My hands rested on her skinny, tomboy hips, supporting her as she leaned in. Excited my fingers took off on a journey of their own, travelling between the tight cheeks of her arse until I reached her pussy. I pushed a finger in her wet cunny, it slipped in easily so I pushed in another then another. Tina gasped but not hard enough. Taking the middle finger of my free hand I inserted it into the puckered hole of her anus. This time when she gasped, it was long and loud, as I filled bother her holes with my fingers. While I wiggled my fingers round and round in her pussy, I pushed my index finger deeper into her suprisingly tight ass. The girl obviously didn´t do anal favors for her clientele. I pushed my finger in further right up to the knuckle. I could feel Tina´s sphincter muscles sucking me in deeper. She pushed herself up above me, her arms gripping my shoulders for support, her head bent back as she welcomed my probing fingers. Withdrawing my fingers from her pussy, while I continued to pound my thick, index finger into her taut ass, I frantically stroked her swollen clit which was protruding between her hairy blonde lips.

I stroked her little pleasure button until my fingers ached. And even when Tina cried out above me, and those fantastic tits of her bounced as she shivered and shook, as her orgasm consumed her. I kept stroking until her clenching pussy came again and delivered its special cream onto my thighs, which were already soaked with my musky pussy juice.

"Oh, God Mary," she said matter-of-factly, her face flushed becomingly. "I´ve never had an orgasm as good as that before, never."

I smiled, then I reached up and stroked her blue fringe away from her eyes. "Having a vagina of your own makes it easier, since you know where and how a woman likes to be touched."

Tina nodded. She leaned forward until her breasts brushed my own. My nipples tingled as her stiff brown peaks brushed against them. Her hazel eyes gazed into mine, then closed and opened again. Her hot breath fanned across my face, and I realized that she still smelt like my cunt. Then she slid herself slowly teasingly down my naked body. As she descended she kissed my breasts, my navel, and my bikini line.

Heather McVey  | Heather@heathermcvey.de