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Fact´s About Me

Note: this page will be updated as new questions are posted


1)When did you start writing?

:I wrote a lot of poetry, which was often dark as I approached my teens. Then when I was 14 that was when I seriously sat down for the first time and wrote a book.

2)What was this book called, was it any good?

:It was called "Under The Red Moon" Hmm <grin> I wouldn´t say that it was one of my best, but it was an experience. I learned how to keep a story going from finish to end and that in itself is something which has to be continually improved as a writer. My first book was 30,000 words, now  my books ususlly range between 100,000 to 120,000 words.  I know this wasn´t part of your question, but as a rule I always buy long books for my own private reading pleasure, the longer the better. I like the world that another author has taken me to to last for as long as possible, and I try to give my readers a magic world they can spend several hours or even days in.

3) What does your office look like?

:Lol, I wish I had an office. Currently, I write in my spare bedroom. The room has a window without a view, and this is practical since experience has taught me that when I have a view its just a distraction and I don´t get any serious writing done. Plus point number two is that the spare bedroom is upstairs and the kitchen downstairs so I burn up a lot of calories each time I take my frequent coffee breaks and thats good for my err derrier. I´ll be posting some pictures soon of my makeshift office, the desk where I work e.c.t so watch out for those.

4)What is your favorite color?

:Red, thats why most of the writing on my web site is in red. I love Red, its just  such a warm, comforting color. It always makes me think on romantic sunsets, log fires, and steamy cadellight baths or dinners.

5)Who do you find sexier Orlando Bloom or Keanu Reeves?

;My but thats a tough one, they are both gorgeous. They both have dark hair and big come to bed brown eyes, but as a girl who has a little thing for older men then I´d have to say Keanu Reeves.

6)What are some of your favorite all time movies?

:My all time favorite is The Piano directed by Jane Campion and starring Holly Hunter.

:The Matrix all three (Keanu Reeves is yummy)

:Dusk til Dawn with George Clooney

:Pulp Fiction with John Travolta

:The Color Purple with Whoopi Goldberg

:Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio (He´s also yummy)

:About A Boy with Hue Grant

6)Do you have a favorite author?

:Yes, I have several. Sherrilyn Kenyon, Anne Rice and Laurel Hamilton because they write sexy, dark storys. I also love Joan Wolf and Catherine Coulter.

7)What is your most favorite book?

:Hmm another difficult question for I have three. 

: Baltasar & Blimunda by Jose Saramago. I love this book, it goes well beyond being well written. Its a beautiful heart rendering love story.

:Mists Of Heaven by Yvonne Kalman. This is an unforgetable novel of passion, and love about two people due to circumstances which take years to finaly come together.

:Born Of The Sun by Joan Wolf. It´s about a celtic princess and a saxon prince who unit england 80 years after King Arthur´s death. It is an amazing love story which takes us on a journey of over 18 years through the main hero and heroines wonderfully spicey, loving married life in a mysterious yet fascinating age.

8) What genres do you enjoy best?

:I like romance especially erotic romance, and the hotter the better. I also enjoy historical and fantasy novels providing they have got some good old loving going on between the hero and heroine.

9)What is your Star Sign?

:Taurus, this means I can be as stubborn as a bull, I have an explosive temper; but you have to really irritate me to ever see it, thankfully like most bulls most of the time I´m a placid creature. I´m a typical Taurus, this means I´m earthy and very very sensual. I love fine wines, food, and anything with beauty.

10) What is your husbands Star Sign?

:My hubby is a Scorpio, he is my Zodiac opposite, thats great since opposites attract.

11)What sort of foods do you like?

:I love Sushi, and pasta. I´m not a big fan of ready made or fast foods, I love well cooked meals that have had a lot of time put into them in the kitchen. And deserts Oooo, I love deserst. Show me anything with cream in it or ice cream and you´ll never hear me say no.

12)How tall are you?

:I´m short, I´m only a couple if inches over five foot, but hey good things come in small packages.

13) What color are your eyes?

:They are dark green like Irish grass covered with freshly fallen rain. When I get annoyed however they change to a very light green, like the glass on an empty wine bottle, my hubby always says thats how he knows when to make himself scarce.

14)Do you have a middle name?


15)What´s your favorite quotes?

:Ooo, I´m so glad you asked this I love good quotes.

:"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been," by Mark Twain 1835-1910.

:"Great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great", by Mark Twain.

:"The true sign of intelligence is not  knowledge but imagination", by Albert Einstein 1879-1955.

:"Conviction is worthless unless it is  converted into conduct", by Thomas Carlyle 1795.

16)What´s the best part about being a writer?

:I love it when a reader lets me know how much they enjoyed one of my books. It gives me a happy glow to know that they loved the characters I created which are real to me, that´s the best part about writing.






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