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French Kiss

Reviewer: Francesca Hayne from JERR
Rating: 3/4 stars
Heat Level: Orgasmic

The sex scenes are out of this world. Ms. McVey has a
  knack of writing passion into every sexual scene, thereby increasing each erotic moment to a frenzy of desire.

Reviewer: Sarah W from TRS
Rating: 4 Hearts
Sensuality Rating: Explicit
November 20, 2005

Fantastic chemistry and two intriguing and hot headed characters make French Kiss an unforgettable story! From the time they meet until the very last page of the story, Heather and Pierre light up the pages with their very intense attraction to each other, along with their growing friendship despite the odds stacked against them. Neither wants to give into their new feelings, but soon more than lust has entered the game. Both are feeling something much more deep and author Heather McVey´s sexy and solid writing makes their transition from lust to love very realistic and plenty of fun to read about. If this story is anything to go by Heather McVey is an author on the rise! Highly enjoyable, and most definitely recommended to fans who love strong characters and deep emotional connections.

Reviewer: Tammy from FAR
Rating: 4 Angels
December, 2005

Heather Hunt has just moved to a rundown apartment in Glasgow, Scotland in an attempt to put her life back together. She is still mourning the loss of her younger sister Lynn, who died in a car accident, and Heather still blames herself for killing her. Her life seemes to be on a downward slide, and she is hoping that the move will allow her to find some normalcy and a little peace.

Heather is stunned to find a gorgous Frenchman standing at her door after watching him work on the street below. He introuduces himself as Pierre and tells her that he is overseeing the replacemnet of the electricity in the buiding and that the power would be off in the evenings for the next several days. Heather is still in  a daze and misses most of what he saying and is flushed with embarrassment when she hears him inform her that he and his crew had watched her masturbating in front of the window. She finds him sexy and would love to take him up on his offer to warm her bed, while he is fixing her boiler, but she is angry that she has let him fluster her when she has sworn off men.

Pierre figures that he will never have to see the sexy Heather again after she turned down his invitation for sex but soon he finds himself rescuing her from a fallen tree that was struck by lightning. He is attracted to her and would like nothing better than to spend a day trying to get her out of his system, but when police officers checking on the fallen tree, interrupt them, he looses his chance.

That night, Heather was climbing the stairs to her apartment when the lights go off. As she reaches for her flashlight, it tumbles down the stairs and her bag of groceries rip while trying to navigate the stairs in total darkness. As she is sitting on the stairs contemplating what a trying day it had been, she is pulled to her feet and against a man´s muscular chest. Heather is excited by this erotic encounter with a stranger and feels safe enough to let it continue. While recieving so much pleasure from her facless lover, Heather could not help but imagine that it was the sexy Frenchman doing such wonderful things to her body.

Heather tries to forget about Pierre when she discovers that he is the one who owns the rundown building that she lives in and accuses him of charging too much rent and being a liar. While her encounters with her faceless lover continue nightly, Heather wonders who this perfect lover could be.

French Kiss is a highly erotic story that will keep the blood pumping as you learn about the characters lives and what has shaped them into the people that they are today. I found this story to be alluring with its fast moving plot line and engaging characters that made the book come alive in my hands. I enjoyed watching both characters working out their problems with families and relationships that were interfering with their lives while trying to go on with everyday life. I thought Heather and Pierre were fascinating characters with many facets and only wished that Heather had not protested so much about a possible relationship with Pierre. This story is bursting with highly erotic encounters that make it a very hot and spicy read. I think that readers will enjoy Heather McVey´s  exciting and extremely passionate story of life, love and heartaches. I give French Kiss 4 Angels and encourage readers to pick it up today!

Reviewer: Lori from May Reviews: Rating: Great!

I thought that French Kiss was an interesting read. Heather McVey writes extremely hot sex scenes that just seem to pull the reader in. I really enjoyed the "mystery lover" element and she kept you guessing about his identity until the end. I thought the characters were well developed and I definitely felt the sexual awareness between them. I would have liked to see the love story expanded a bit more, but overall, it was a great read. I am looking forward to more stories by Heather McVey.


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