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 All Or Nothing: A Novel of Forbidden Boundaries

Reviewer:  Sen Che Grand from May Reviews.
Rating: Superior, Five Stars and a Recommended Read

Interior designer Mary Miller is bisexual. A fact she learned painfully after a failed two-year relationship with Crystal . Mary requires both a man and a woman in her bed to be truly satisfied. Her dreams tell her, she needs her caveman and his woman. Then she meets Nick and Karen, a couple who seem right for her in every way. If she wants this new man and woman in her life, she will have to meet them on their terms. Mary sets out to explore this new area of her sexuality and her search for real love. For Mary, it is strictly all or nothing.

In this steamy story, Heather Mc Vey has developed her characters in a way that made me feel a real part of Mary's search for the special love she wants.  I was drawn into the hot sensuous emotions Mary explored.  What she was feeling became so real to me.  Her adventures left me wanting to be with her as she moved from one hot sex experience to the next.  Finding the right partners for Mary became my goal as well as her's.   I recommend this book to all readers that enjoy hot steamy sex scenes and a story with characters you will eagerly make a part of your life.

Reviewer: Jenna H, from Fallen Angels

Rating: 4 Angels

I enjoyed this book. It was my first time reading a book written this way. I have never read a book with this many hot juicy details in it. I found that within Mary there are many desires and needs that everyone has deep inside them and are too embarassed to express. Mary holds her needs in high regard where as most of us just dont voice, or even dare express or find satisfaction for. I also appreciated Mary´s understanding of other people´s needs as well as her own. She respected what other people needed and kept them in mind while discovering herself. I was so captivated by this book that I read it in one sitting. It is very detailed so the book does get very intense; those who are faint at heart should beware. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to light a fire in more places than one.

Reviewer: Annie, from The Romance Studio

Mary is a Scottish lass of twenty-three with a certificate in Interior Design and a crushing need to make a career move and a geographical change. Trailing a series of horrid relationships, she is three months out of the most recent, with a middle-aged married woman two decades her senior who liked to play around a lot outside her marital state. Mary is sufficiently self-analytical to realize she’s never been in love, only in lust, but now she has relocated and perceives herself to be in limbo. A committed bisexual, Mary had been faithful to her married lover for two years but now is experiencing the pull of testosterone.

Spying a sexy workman on the sidewalk below the window of her new apartment, Mary can’t help but lust, falling into her favorite fantasy of sensuality and danger. She is lost in a primitive landscape, only to be rescued by a blue-eyed male and his blue-eyed, brown-haired female mate. The following day she actually meets Mr. Gorgeous when he arrives to tell her the electricity in her building will be off for a time that night, and she discovers the attraction is mutual. When the power goes out, Mary is in process of carrying her groceries upstairs to her apartment. She drops her flashlight, trips on the groceries, and is rescued by a faceless stranger who delivers all the excitement of her prehistoric fantasies. The next day she meets up with him on the street, and they make plans to return to her apartment, until he receives a phone call on his cell from another woman. In the meantime Mary is working her way to convincing herself that she is seriously bisexual, and that in order to keep herself happy, she needs a ménage, not an alteration from one gender to the other and back.

This is a very graphic story which will appeal to readers who prefer their erotica highly detailed. Mary is an intensely sexualized individual and very self-aware. Even though her past history is primarily painful, she is working toward self-development.

She demonstrates a vivid imagination in her fantasies and thoughts. Many readers will envy the entrance of sexy Nick, the workman, into her life, and will applaud her independence and motivational drive

Heather McVey  | Heather@heathermcvey.de