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Hansel´s Hunger

Reviewer:  Suni Farrar  from JERR.
Rating:  4/5 Stars : Heat Level: Orgasmic

Hue Hansel left home years ago to join in the crusades.  Upon his return, he cannot help but notice how well his half-sister Gwen Gretty has grown.  She is now a healthy looking young woman that he would love to make his own if she was not his relation.  Fortunately, luck is on Hansel’s side when he learns that Gwen is not his true sister.  Now, he has to figure out how to let his father know about his feelings for her without breaking his heart.    

Hansel & Gretty Forbidden Enticements is a delightful and extremely erotic twist on a classic fairy tale.  This story can definitely survive without the sex as it has for many years.  However, I have never found the tale more enjoyable.  Ms. McVey's version should come with a warning label emblazoned on the front cover so that children will not make the mistake of picking it up.  No one under the age of twenty-one should be allowed near this material, it is that hot.  Everyone in this story is getting some; that is how I knew it was fiction.  The couplings were outrageously steamy, in great detail, and occurred frequently.  Be prepared to take several toy breaks when reading this story. 

Hansel and Gwen fight their feelings for each other, but it is of no use.  As I mentioned before, once they get going, they burn.  I think my eyebrows are crispy.  Hansel & Gretty  is a fire hot read.  I'm anxiously waiting to delve into Ms McVey`s Snow White’s story.

Reviewer: Jasmina Vollombrasa from TCM

Blond and handsome Hansel has returned home after a long journey abroad and with one look at his half sister, Gwen Gretty, he is sorely reminded that he is a hot blooded male. Torn by conflicting desires for beautifully innocent Gwen, things do not improve as his stepmother Ursula is lusting after him. What he does not know is that Gwen is madly in love with him and secretly brings herself to pleasure fantazising about him.

The situation is less than ideal and as Ursula drugs their father to get his sworn oath to leave them in the forest, both Hansel and Gwen do not know what is happening. In the midst of this madness, Hansel learns that Gwen, the woman that he desires beyond his wildest imagination, is in fact not his sister. Once  Gwen manages to convince Hansel that they should act on their passionate desire for each other, they fall into their own pleasure paradise. Even though they stumble into the local witch´s house, they end up surviving the day and returning home to their beloved father.

I was quite impressed with Heather McVey´s creativity over turning this famed children´s classic into a more adult version. One could feel the charachters frustration in their seemingly doomed plight just as acutely as you could feel their blissful hapiness when Hansel and Gwen finally end up together. The sexual tension in the love scenes adds to the sizzling atmosphere. This book was a delightful read and proved to be very entertaining. McVey is definitely an author to look out for !

Rating: 4/5 Stars from the Romance Studio

The author of this tale does a superb job of writing an adult fairy tale that appeals to all the senses. Its imaginative and creative, serious and funny, suspenseful and quick-paced. Its a well-written story that flows nicely from the first sentence to the last word. And just like any good fairy tale...it has a happy ever after theme that also proves to be good erotica  because it undoubtedly leaves the reader begging for more!

Reviewer: Astraea  from Enchanted Ramblings
Rating: 4 Magical Wands

Gwen Gretty and Hue Hansel are in love, but the other doesnt know. They share the same father and know that a relationship would be impossible, so they hide their true feelings.

This epic novels follows the old tale of Hansel and Gretel from the stepmother and father leading the children (grown children -one is 17 the other 24)  into the forest repeatedly, but also the encounter with the candy house and the wicked witch.

Hansel and Gretty, however is not a tale for young children. Lust and sex abounds as well as suspense and dark moments. Hansel, is a tall well-built 24 year old who wont be considered an adult until he turns 25. Whether it be Ivy, Martha the wicth, or Ursula the stepmother, every woman wants to make love to Hansel. This story is filled withs teamy lusty scenes.

I was a little leery at first because Hansel and Gwen were related, but the way Ms. McVey´s tale unfolds, one can easily believe the circumstances leading to their eventual coming together.This is an interesting take on a well known story.

Reviewer: Lisa from Fallen Angels
Rating: 4 Angels

I always loved this story as a little girl and this book has made me fall back in love with this book as an adult. This story follows the basic theme of the fairy tale with an adult twist that is enjoyable and fun to read. It is full of adventure, fun and homor and action. I enjoyed it from the first page to the very last. It is a fairy tale at its best, happy every after mixed with some erotica.

 Review: Excellent from May Reviews

Focused around the family of Hansel and Gretty  half brother and sister, and their lusting parents this story is packed with steamy sex scenes.   Hansel is burning with lust for his half sister whom he has had to share a bed with for the past year although he has managed to conceal his lust from her.   His step-mother is lusting after Hansel, and the local Squire, and avoiding sexual situations with her husband while attempting to force him to take his children into the forest and abandon them there.  In the mean time Hansel is trying to avoid his feeling for Gretty and burning with guilt over them while slaking his lust on the local Squire's daughter and girls in town.  The Squire has decided that he wants Hansel and Gretty gone because they hamper his affair with their step-mother, and now Hansel has discovered that his half sister isn't kin to him after all.  

A twisted tale of deceit and wickedness had been made from this old story.  It is both interesting and well executed by the author.  Ms. McVey has taken a delightful children's story and made it into a steamy adult tale.  The characters are both interesting and believable.  It was a pleasure to read this story, and I look forward to reading more by Ms. McVey.  

Reviewer: Frost,  from Two Lips Reviews

Rating: 4 Lips, explicit language and intimacy, incestuous references

Hue Hansel and Gwen Gretty are half-siblings, offspring of the woodcutter and his two deceased wives. For the last fourteen years they have been semi-mothered by a stepmother who is far more interested in her own pleasure and her complaining than in their welfare, although she's definitely interested in combining those two desires in regard to seven-foot-tall muscular Hansel. At twenty-four and seventeen, Hansel and Gretty are children no longer. Now that the woodcutter can't see his way clear to feeding a family of four, Stepmother suggests they be put out into the woods to fend for themselves. She decides to use her sexual favors, which she's been denying him for nearly half a year, to convince the poor sot of her scheme.


Hansel, who is not only strong and dedicated but had also served in the Crusades, determines to foil the plot which he and his half-sister have overheard. He knows she is the only woman he truly wants, but holds back because she is after all, related to him through their mutual father. Unbeknownst to Hansel, Gretty feels just the same. But for now, what is to come on the morrow when they are taken into the woods to become lost takes precedence over even sensual drives.


Hansel´s Hunger reveals a very unexpected spin on the traditional Hansel and Gretel fairy tale outlook. This is a very sensual tale containing explicit language and incestuous references, as the two half-siblings are very enamored of each other. Adultery is also spun into the mix as well. Heather McVey evidences a very vivid imagination and the plot is quite fast-paced. The characters are rather well delineated also.


Caution to the reader, however: some might be offended by the situations within the family.

Heather McVey  | Heather@heathermcvey.de