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My steamy, hotter than hot gay, thriller is out now from Renaissance Ebooks.


Back Cover Blurb:

Karl-Heinz Bachmeier, was comfortable with his teaching job at the prestigious Henrichhein University in Düsseldorf. He was more than merely happy with his plain Austrian wife, Helga, that was until his sexy, incredibly feminine student, Dean Thompson walked into his life and turned everything upside down.

Smitten by his handsome American student from the start. Desiring nothing more than to run his hands through the youths sable, waist-lenght, black hair. To see his pale grey eyes light with arousal, Karl just couldnt believe his luck when the youth seemingly out-of-the-blue makes him the offer of a livetime.

The Proposition, Dean offers, Karl soon realizes despite enjoying of the delights of his students fantastic body soon has ramifications. With his marriage at stake, his career ruined, as the love triangle gets too tight to handle another danger steps into the picture: Michael, Dean´s jealous English lover. Soon Karl finds himself fighting for more than just his reputation. He finds himself ultimately fighting for his very life, his survival.

Word Count: 43,500.

Price: $2.95


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Heather McVey  | Heather@heathermcvey.de