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     Extract "Enslaved"

(c) Heather McVey 2006


     Two weeks later in mid February, exactly to the day, Karl’s fantasy finally became reality. Following a naked dip in his local mixed sauna, where Dean had shamelessly teased him with the promise of his young body, and then a candlelight dinner of oysters at Jean-Claude’s, they’d finally retired to Dean’s bedroom just when Karl had really started to fear, given his worked-up state, that he was about to ejaculate in his pants.

     “Dean,” Karl balked blushing to his ears. “I know I’m the older one…but…err what do you propose we do now?”

     Dean told him in a husky bedroom voice, while he dimmed the lights to heighten the mood. “Let’s take a shower together, that way we will both be thoroughly clean before our little experiment begins.”

     Karl balked. “Nein!”

     “Why do you protest so?” Smiling, Dean asked, while he stepped towards him pulling his shirt over his head. “It will be fun Herr Professor, both of us naked as babies in the shower soaping up.”

     Karl beetroot red from the neck up gulped. “I don’t know. If you must know, I’ve never even had a shower with my wife, and here you are on the spur of the moment suggesting I have one with you.”

     “Relax, Herr Professor. I’m going to take real good care of you. You’re going to love this.” Dean assured. His long, pale fingers left trails of heat when his hand wormed between Karl’s ribcage and arm, then settled comfortably into the crook of his elbow. “You won’t be needing these.” He purred. Reaching up he removed Karl’s glasses and then he deposited a kiss on his stubbly cheek before dumping the golden framed spectacles on the bedside cabinet.

     Five minutes later clouds of steam partially veiled Dean’s pale, nude form, but as Karl screwing up the last of his nerve reached out and embraced the younger man in the confined quarters of the shower, the friction of his dick grinding against his students soapy pubic bush was almost more than he could stand. Not daring to move, Karl held Dean tightly. He moaned as he clasped the firm curves of the youth’s ass, the sprinkling warmth of the shower streaming over his shoulder, and the contradicting coolness of the tiles rubbing against his back only added to the wealth of sensations.

     “Professor?” Dean whispered above the steady hiss of the shower. “Is there a problem?”

     Blushing like a schoolboy, incredibly relieved that the low light concealed his embarrassment, he admitted that he was about to come. “Let’s get the first one out of the way, then,” Dean responded with a smile. Karl watched, feeling for all the world like a virgin on the eve of the Big Night, while the youth proceeded to work up a soapy lather between his hands. Then Dean reached between Karl’s legs and carefully caressed his balls, moving up he stroked his dick. The feeling was so intense and delightful that Karl gritted his teeth and braced himself against the yellow tiled wall. Within seconds he tensed, his cock jerked once, twice, and he came like he never came before, in seemingly endless spasms, as he pasted the younger man’s fingers with a milky warmth of his own.

     “Jesus, Dean,” Karl gasped into the young lover’s ear, trying to catch his breath. “Oh, that was wonderful.”

     Dean stood on his tiptoes, and kissed him tenderly on the cheek, the humid air inside the cramped shower adding to his increased body heat. “Herr Professor, that was only the beginning,” he promised with a mellow, seductive smile.

     And it was.


Heather McVey  | Heather@heathermcvey.de